Network of Doves nonProfit,501(c)(3)

facilitating resiliency with community collaboration

JeffMajors began Network of Doves, as a non profit organization out of the desire to bring about change in our communities. He knew that he had one major tool in his grasp, Music. He knew how to use it to change the frequency of his audience. He understood how sounds, tones and melodic rhythm can shift that way we respond & react to live's situations. 

In 2013 he began Network of Doves 501c3 and launch an initiative that would take him around the United States giving concerts to raise awareness of homelessness. Through his healing concerts, he touched the lives of individuals in need of encouragement and love. Most importantly he worked with other non profit organizations and anchor institutions, introducing the concept of Expressive Therapy as a complement to traditional mental health treatments. Expressive Therapy is based on the principles of sensory impacts and introducing music, video, and art to positvely shift thoughts, decision making, and behavioral patterns.

We are now faced with the harsh reality of the opioid crisis that is hurting our communities, and our neighbors are suffering. The Network of Doves will facilitate community collaboration and once again bring together anchor institutions, health practitioners, corporations and neighborhoods around a social issue. JeffMajors will host a series of Healing Concerts in the DC Metro area to raise awareness, focusing on a growing crisis that is taking our friends, family members and neighbors at an alarming rate.


Join the Network of Doves in our efforts to increase community collaboration.

Visit State of Maryland's destination recovery website for behavioral health treatement resources.

Read Mayor Bowser's Live.Long.DC. strategy to end reduce opioid deaths 50% by 2020.


Watch video and become a Network of Doves collaborative partner by donating, hosting a healing concert, or integrating Expressive Therapy curriculum into your recovery programs.

Dr. Edwin Chapman. Member of Examination of Integration of Opioid and Infectious Disease Prevention Committee