A Letter from JEFFMAJORS

Music and healing are synomous to muscians. We understand that frequency of the tones impact the mind, body and spirit. Every note we play represents our desire to positively impact individuals, communities and utlimately the world.

Expressive Therapy

I began to utlize the healing tones of music to address the homelessness crisis. In 1998 I embarked on a mission to give to individuals who were displaced, and set on a national tour to raise money and introduce Expressive Therapy to communites impacted by homelessness. 

I then turned to the issue of increased incarceration rates within our communties, and wanted to impact, influence and transform members of our community. 


Working with individual coming in and out of the justice system, I am able to introduce muscial therapy to members of the vulnerable population. In partnership with court systems, prision facilities, and mental health organization Network of Doves is getting sustainable results that prevent recidivism.

Healing Concert Series

As a facilitator and healer, I am going to make Expressive Therapy a part of traditional recovery programs and I am seeking the support of the community. We are partnering with corporations seeking to invest in "opportunity zones"; anchor institutions that are seeking complementary musical healing programs; and recovey programs that want custom programs and workshops for their clients.  In 2019 we will host a series of healing concert to increase awareness the opioid expidemic  and the use of expressive therapy to impact, influence and transform members of the vulnerable population.The healing concerts are designed to allow practitioners to experince the tones of healing, and give them the opportunity to contract Network of Doves services. 


JeffMajors, CEO and Expressive Therapy Practitioner

Network of Doves, 501c3 non profit